SAT Monkey

PDA Software for Warehouse

Main Warehouse PDA application features:

Our PDA Warehouse Software applications come with built in GPS tracking allowing you to geographically view your entire workforce, this will help you respond to business decisions instantly, and accurately.

Barcode scanning and wireless technology is standard on our Warehouse application. This application effortlessly allows you to scan multiple items, which in turn updates your existing system via our middleware application or into a system we provide to you. Further, automatic picking and label printing are also features you benefit from.

Don’t worry if you already have an existing back-office system; our developers will work with your system and provide a seamless integration with no disruption to your already in place business processes.

Not all our PDA applications are sold off the shelf in fact only 20% are, 80% of our PDA applications are custom built to your requirements, this allows us to wrap our application around your business processes and not the other way around, for more information please fill out this short form.



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